Wild Blueberry

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Wild Blueberry
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Wild Blueberry

These dried Maine berries are bursting with concentrated blueberry taste, and when the tang of natural blueberry meets the crunch of crisp, light caramel popcorn, the result is a fruity, buttery bite of heaven. Yum!

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Absolutely wonderful! Why is it no longer available?
- Don, RI
Bursting Blueberry Flavor!
- Rick Shahan, CA


DIVINE!!! LOVED by all who tried. So fresh and full of flavor.Plan to try many more flavors.
- laurie, OH

My New Fav

OMG - this is great tasting. Just the right amount of blueberries (totally loaded). I take it for lunch every day and my husband tells me its not healthy. Well, popcorn is healthy and blueberries are healthy, so i am justifying this as an ultra healthy lunch....
- Vicki, TX
A little on the sweet side, however I did like the blueberry bits. Fresh tasting and surprisingly crispy and crunchy.
- Henry, CA
Really good, I would never have put the two together; but I really liked it. I love popcorn and I love blueberries. You did good.
- Nan, OH

Unexpected Surprise!

When my friend gave me blueberry popcorn to try I didn't know what to expect. Appearance wise it was very appealing with the pieces of blueberry clearly visible leaving no question as to whether or not real blueberry was used in the process. The blueberry popcorn is good. Not overly sweet, right amount of crunch. Very fresh. Before I tried blueberry popcorn I probably would have said "no thanks" but now I have my eyes are open to experiencing other flavors besides caramel and buttered!
- Morgan, CA
I thought that it was very good. Never thought that blue berries on popcorn would taste good.
- Lizzy, FL
The berry flavoring was very nice. The coating made the popcorn a little chewy but still very delicious!
- Mac McMaster, CA
This flavor reminded me of the cereal called Boo Berry. It was pretty tasty and the size of the popcorn was good too.
- Joe, IL

Unexpected surprise!

I thought it was delicious. I was surprised that blueberries and popcorn were so good together.
- Tim Malone, TN
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