Softly Salted

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Softly Salted
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Softly Salted

It’s all about the corn. We select Baby White kernels (flower-shaped, rather than round) because they’re more tender and flavorful. And we salt softly, enhancing the naturally sweet corn taste. So when we say with confidence that this is simple, subtle and scrumptious, our popcorn is as good as our word.

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Brings Back Memories

Crispy, light, reminded me of the popcorn I had a kid at the movies decades ago.
- Ingemar, OH

Aptly Named

I found the name of this popcorn to be perfect. Excellent popcorn flavor, lightly salted. it was very good.
- Keith Kettrey, TN
It was really Yummy. Not too salty, so it didn't make you thirsty like some popcorns. I could have eaten a whole bag in one sitting, it was fresh not chewy!
- Karah Smith, TN
Not at all what I expected from what looked like plain popcorn. Flavorful, crunchy, and yes softly salted. A winner.
- Dave, CA
Just the right amount of salt, very good.
- Chris Thrun, IL
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