Pink Peppercorn

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Pink Peppercorn
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Pink Peppercorn

Even before your first bite, there’s that arrestingly fruity aroma of cracked pink peppercorns. On the tongue, this flavorful spice produces a gentle heat, like a savory chili with a sweet bite. Add the color and tang of Pink Himalayan Salt, the buttery crunch of smooth, hull-less popcorn, and hello, love.

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pink pepper

simply light and delicious
- Tranay Jackson, OH
When I tried the pink himalayan salt and pepper popcorn, I did not know what to expect. it was a nice texture and flavor. I liked it.
- Kevin Walker, IL
I liked the Pink Himalayan Salt and Pepper flavored popcorn. I shared with my wife and she liked it too. It's a nice mix of flavors. This is good stuff. i wanted to try another flavor too!
- James Griffin, FL
I liked this flavor a lot. I thought it wasn't too salty but enough flavor to make it taste really good. I would want to try this flavor again.
- Corey Williams, FL
I didn't want to try it at first because of the name. I enjoyed it though and would want to eat this flavor again.
- Mercedes Muse, FL
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