Nutty Caramel

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Nutty Caramel

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Nutty Caramel

Start with loads of salted, roasted almonds, cashews and peanuts. Mix with crisp premium popcorn, bathe lightly in smooth caramel touched with brown sugar for a deep, rich taste, and you’ve got a new treat to go totally nuts for.

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The BEST caramel nut popcorn I've ever had!
- Karri, AR
The best popcorn I've ever eaten. The nutty sweet combination us as close to perfection that you can get!
- Keyshia Readirs, MS


OMG!!!!!!!! Nuff said
- Joe, CA
Received the Nutty Caramel Popcorn from a fundraiser and now I'm hooked. The best I've had in a very long time. Since then I have ordered on my own. Not waiting until fundraiser time for more.
- Linda Wright, NY


Just love the caramel papcorn. Can't seem to get enough. Will keep the orders coming so we don't run out. Thank you for making such a great product.
- Darlen, CA


I tried Spicy Cheese Popcorn and Nutty Caramel! OMG!!!! This is the best popcorn I have ever tasted. Both flavors were on the top of their game!! I will be ordering more.

Repeat customer for several years

The best caramel popcorn on the planet. I truly love the Nutty Caramel, and when you had the Pecan caramel popcorn that was great also. Everyone that I have given a sample too starts ordering for themselves I can't keep it around my family just gobbles it up. I will continue to order .
- Rebecca, NJ


I'm Hooked!!!, best caramel nuts and popcorn ever. I'll be buying more.
- Stanley Hernandez, NY

A sweet craving Killer

Some of the best caramel popcorn ive ever had,its so addictive i purchase a bag at least once a year.I love the buttery caramel flavor and my wife loves the nuts.
- jon, CA

The best

This popcorn is amazing I'm not really a fan of popcorn but this is the best my son school did a fundraising and I order this I will b ordering more.
- Jessica , DC

Sweet Corn

Very tasty, good for munching in front of Tv. Just love the mix of popcorn and nuts.
- C Cabrera, NY


We had a few people order this flavor and I have heard nothing but great reviews!! All the right combo of flavors put together!
- alex scheible , NY


We ordered this popcorn for my daughters engagement party favor, it was a big success! Everyone commented on how good it was. I wuld not hesitate to order again, thank you so much!
- Lynn Errickson, NJ
This is my favorite so far. I normally don't like caramel popcorn, but this is divine!
- Amber, OH
The Nutty Caramel popcorn is great, just the right amount of glaze and a bountiful portion of nuts!
- Debbie Norrish, NV

I loved the flavors and most of the children at the event that I hosted loved them too.

I am extremely happy with the taste and the cute little packaging that the popcorn comes in. I used the popcorn's that I ordered at a children's Back to School event that I hosted and it was a complete success. These flavors were amazing..Caramel and Rainbow heavenly flavors. Thank you!!!
- Janet Caraballo, NY

nutty caramel

delicious! I can't enjoy it alone. I also gave it as gifts and I'm ordering for my friends now. My dog evens enjoys it. When he hears me opening the bag, he's right there, of course, he doesn't get the nuts. This flavor is awesome.
- marie, PA

None Better.

I opened the Gallon Bag as soon as it arrived the smell was exquisite, the Flavor was so good that I can't think about it without wanting more, I started sharing this Popcorn (It's not just Popcorn) with my Wife and soon discovered that in order to extra if I actually want to have some of my own. The Popcorn Palace does not skimp on any Ingredient and produces and ships a product that is incomparable to any other Gourmet Popcorn Company that I have ever ordered from (trust me there have been many) you will not be disappointed. As for Customer Service, I once had a Gallon Bag that was over handled during shipping (it happens) one quick email and a replacement bag arrived Three days later.
- Jim Binford, TX

Lots of nuts!

Got this flavor in a sampler pack - though I'm not personally a big nut fan, several of my colleagues couldn't get over how delicious this flavor is. Loved it while picking around the nuts - nice and sweet!
- Chris Williams, GA

started with a fundraiser...

I must keep this excellet source of fiber in my home. Since the fundraiser, i have ordered 2 bags because the combination of carmelized nuts and popcorn is an irresistable combination. The nuts tend to fall to the bottom of the bag which is easily resolved by transferring it from the bag to a bowl. then you don't eat all the popcorn and only have nuts left over.
- Angel, CA


Perfect combination of flavors, not to sweet. Quality is awesome!! You have got to try it!
- Mary , IN

Sr Admin Asst

I purchased this to help a friend's daughter's school.....Not really wanting the product...but when I tasted it....OMG! It's delicious! The popcorn is tender, not tough, and the nuts are delicious and fresh tasting. I was pleasantly surprised.
- Janlyn Thomas, GA
This is by far the best caramel popcorn I have ever had. it looks exactly as pictured. the popcorn and nuts are very lightly coated. as a result, there are no big clumps of popcorn. every piece is singular in the bag. it's also not nearly as sticky as other brand caramel corns, and doesn't stick in your teeth. if you liked cracker jacks as a kid, this is a rather grown up version and incredibly delicious. It's worth every penny. If I could rate it higher, I'd give it a 6 out of 5.
- michele malone, TN
WE WILL BUY THIS AGAIN & AGAIN This was the best carmel corn with nuts we have ever tasted. Would recommend this highly to anyone who loves carmel corn.
- Kathy, IL

It's sooooo goood!!

It took my family of three about 15 mins to eat the snack bag portion of this popcorn. Everyone loves it and wants me to make a special order just for more! Great flavor and plenty of nuts!
- Francina M, NC
its the best popcorn i had
- tiggerforme05, VA


This is the BEST Popcorn ever! Our favorite is the Caramel Nut. This is the ONLY gift my boyfriend requests for his birthday, valentine's day, Christmas, every holiday! Thank you!!
- Mary, PA

Yummy Goodness

This is great! There are whole nuts of goodness. I was surprised at how generous they are with the amount of caramel coating and perfect propotion of the nuts this flavors has! Kudos
- PopCorn Lover, UT

Top Shelf Taste - Caramel Nut

This was my 1st time ordering from Popcorn Palace, I use to rate our local Johnson's popcorn the best - BUT, Popcorn Palace is THE BEST popcorn I ever taste my entire family and friends loved the popcorn it meleted in our mouth - I had to order my husband his own personal can, we also ordered friends of ours in Delaware a can for them to enjoy. We will never order popcorn from anyone other than Popcorn palace again....
- Babygirl Duncan, NJ
My daughter and I were at the Navy Pier Dec.5th 2008.I purchased a bag of the caremal nut and it is the best we have ever eaten.I shared it with a group of people with us and they also give it a 5 kernel plus. My daughter belongs to several dance and music teams ,this will be strongly suggested to be used as item to be sold. thank you so much for an excellant corn.Bev from Iowa.
- Bev, IA
this is some good popcorn, all the flavors are awesome. great price too.
- T-Money, TX
Our team sold this to raise money for Relay for Life ~ 24 hour walk for Cancer. Everyone LOVED it! It was a favorite as was the Cookies and Cream! Thanks...
- Sarah, CA
they sent us a few packages to try for a fund raiser, and this was by far the best popcorn i have ever tasted.lots of different kinds of nuts and sweet and salty together
- lee, NY

Carmel nut

Great flavor - i miss Popcorn Palace no longer being in Los Angeles...
- dani, CA
Absolutely perfectly awesome!!!
- JM, MS

The BEst!!!

The carmel nut popcorn is the best I have ever eaten. I love it!!!!
- PaulaKay, IA
Definately the best carmel corn I have ever had. Excellent quality and price. It also helped us earn money for camp at church thru their exceptional fundraising program!!
- Nana, IN


This was sent as a gift, and we got to sample. UNBELIEVABLE! The caramel with the mix of nuts is so much better than just one kind. Sweet, crunchy, delicious...Go for it!
- Diane, NY
I have always loved Carmel Nut, but this is by far the best!!
- Snacking in the Sun, AZ


Just awesome!!
- JC, ON

Love that Carmel Nut

This is by far the best popcorn Im have ever tasted and that is why I keep comming back. I am just waiting for summer to be over to order some more of the candy ones. Keep up the great job ya sure keep a smile on my face.
- dixiechick448tx, TX


This is the best caramel nut popcorn I have ever had!! This is my favorite gift to give and receive.
- Fabfemale, PA

Best caramel nut popcorn

Popcorn palace definitely does not skimp on the ingredients.... lots of nuts and just the right amount of caramel. very yummy. if you like nuts, then you just have to try caramel nut!!
- Christy, CT
So much more than the usual carmel corn and peanuts combination. The addition of almonds and cashews make it unique and delicious. Sweet, salty and doesn't get any better!
- Jen, OH

Caramel Nut and Why It Is The Best

When I think of Caramel Nut popcorn I think of a mixture of different nuts and popcorn coated in a delicious caramel topping. YUMMY YUMMY!!!
- Chris, DC
Without a doubt, the best flavor I have ever tasted. One thing I would suggest - more pecans and fewer peanuts. All in all, my favorite.
- Gretchen, VA
great stuff
- susan, CA

Caramel Nut

I never cared for caramel popcorn until i tried this NOW I AM HOOKEd! its absolutely amazing!
- Brookie, KY

Nutty Buttery Caramel Goodnes

Awesome combination of Popcorn Palace's amazing caramel flavored popcorn and a variety of nuts. Two treats in one!
- LeVette, TX

so nutty

I have always enjoyed the regular caramel flavor but the last time I was in Chicago, there was some fresh caramel nut available so I decided to give it a try. The wonderful caramel taste was there of course but there were so many delicious nuts of all kinds. Absolutely my favorite flavor yet.
- Jill, TX

just one word-DELICIOUS

its becomes my fav flavour.i just simply love it..........
- sweety, IL

caramel nut popcorn

We snacked until dark on our porch! The best we've eaten in years!!
- poppy nut, OR
The Best we ever had. Sent to my father for his 70th birthday and it was he favorite gift!
- Kelly Gardner
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