Macadamia Magic

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Macadamia Magic
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Macadamia Magic

Macadamias have a delicate sweetness and an irresistible soft crunch. Roasted, lightly salted and blended with gourmet popcorn, our special glaze is their perfect partner: softly crisp and delicately sweet with echoes of brown sugar. It’s a match – and a taste – made in heaven.

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I placed an order using the companies old order forms and they were so nice to accommodate me in getting my macadamia magic. You guys are definitely a keeper. I love to mix spicy cheddar, nutty caramel and macadamia magic together. I cant stop at my limit and is all gone with in a day or two.
- ej, TX

Delicious Popcorn ... Excellent costumer Service!

This is now my absolute favorite place to buy Popcorn.
- Ana, IL

popcorn palace

One of the best flavors ever. Very disappointed that it was taken out of the fund raising. It was one of the top sellers.
- angela brewington, MA
This flavor was originally purchased for a gift but they thanked me so profusely for the delicious popcorn that I had to get some for myself! Super tender and yummy, full of nuts. Quality product and will purchase more. All the flavors I have tried have been so great. Will definitely order again for friends and family (and me too)! Thanks Popcorn Palace, your products are the best!!!
- Pam, NM

A Gallon Bag Sounds Like a Lot . . .

. . . .until you get it opened! This popcorn is incredibly delectable. I have to force myself to only buy 2 bags at a time, and even then, I have to hide it from me and my husband.
- BT, MD

Absolute Favorite!

This is my absolute most favorite flavor ever! This popcorn is rich. buttery and consistently comes with nice big pieces of popcorn and loaded with macadamia nuts! I order this a couple times a year and is hands down my favorite! I even got my neighbor hooked on it now! The only problem is I can't stop eating it!
- K, PA


So freaking deliciousness
- Dhsjdjejuehe, AZ

Should be called Macadamia Magic

The flavors in this popcorn blend together magically. There are plenty of nuts and even the largest bags always seem too small for us!
- Barbara, DC
We have really enjoyed this flavor. If you like sweet and nutty this is a great choice. Hope you enjoy Macadamia Magic .
- JoJo, TX
My husband always asks me to bake white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! This year I snagged a value bag to put under the tree for Christmas. He found it before I had time to hide it and he absolutely loves it!!! No more massive baking binges for me!!
- Mellisa V, CA


I love it! I have ordered three 3.5 gallon tins already! I'm still eating one of them and I'm halfway through it. I eat for a great breakfast especially.
- Bob, AZ

I love it!

It's great, I have bought three gallon tins already. I am still eating one of the gallon bags for every meal, delicious for a great Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert! Or a midnight crave! A must buy.
- Bob, AL

Registered Nurse

UM UM UM De and lish and us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Charlotte Robinson, MO
very simply OMG THIS IS IOT TGHE BEST OUR FAMILY EVER HAD ...... OOOO....MMMMM....GGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- David , WI

Happy customer

I love this popcorn no other popcorn compares !!
- Kristen Lunceford, IL
Best popcorn ever. Lots of Macadamias.
- Anne , CA

Executive Assistant, UTHealth

I have been ordering Macadamia Magic forever! Several years back you had stopped making it and after much begging you made me six gallons to give to my family for Christmas. I guess I wasn't the only customer disappointed in your decission to dicontinue it because it was back on the supreme flavor list and has remained there. I originally purchased your products from a franchise store at the Redondo Beach Galleria in California and when I moved to Houston thirteen years ago I began purchasing online. Thank you for a AAA+ product that remains the same quality and taste, superior to all other brands of popcorn out there!
- Sheila Amiot, TX
this popcorn is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!
- thearvy b, NV
I first tasted this popcorn when I purchased it from the children at church who were having a fundraiser. I liked it so much that I went online and purchased another bag and sent one to my sister who is also a popcorn lover. She enjoyed it as much as I did.
- Brenda J. Cotton, CA

Pretty Good!

This popcorn actually amazed me. I thought it would be like all of the other popcorn I have had.
- Popcorn Eater, TX
This popcorn is the best and so addicting =)
- Jocelyn , TX
this is one of the best types of popcorn i have ever tasted! once you start eating it you cant seem to stop! love love love this popcorn!
- ashley, NY


This popcorn is seriously good. My husband and our kids take the trip to Naperville, IL to get this popcorn in person. The macadamia nuts are the biggest that I have ever seen. Caramael corn with any type of nuts are my favorite. My husband loves the plain caramel corn and our kids love the cookies and cream. Really good.
- stephanie, IN
I received my choice of popcorn from a Facebook contest PopCorn Palace was having . I have heard by friends that the popcorn is delicious so I had high expectations. Well they were 100% right. I asked for the Macadamia Butter Crunch which arrived at my doorstep in perfect condition. I opened up the box and their was a big bag of popcorn, OMG I immediately opened the heavy duty zip lock bag and the smell was so sweet and yummy. The first bite I knew I was in heaven. Big Macadamia nuts mixed with the Butter Crunch popcorn! I give this 5 stars! (popcorns) I am going to order the Cinnamon Spice I can only imagine how this will taste. Terrific I am sure. Thanks PopCorn Palace you rock and so doesn't your Popcorn!
- Lisa G, MA


A friend sent me some for Christmas...UNBELIEVABLE!!!! THE best specialty popcorn I have EVER had!!!
OMG i ate the whole jar of macadamia butter crunch. I am addicted.
- TC, AL


Very good popcorn!! Big macadamia nuts and a lot of them! I only rated with 4 kernels because it is a little too sweet and I can stop eating just a few pieces. There are other flavors I CAN'T stop eating.
- Michele, FL


I ordered this popcorn from a coworker that was having a fundraiser for her daughter...I did not expect the popcorn to be so delicious! This was wonderful! 11/19/09
- Nicky, GA


I ordered this from my co-worker's daughter's school. This is the best popcorn I ever tasted! It lasted all of 30 minutes when I got home to my family! I am ready for a refill! Outstanding!
- Renee, MI

Ecstacy in one bite

THE most heavenly combination exotic Macadamia nuts, luscious caramel combined with mouth-watering gourmet popcord - popcorn worth fighting for and I have done that too. Of all the flavors, this one I can't live without. It's sweet and rich enough without being too rich, but light enough not to stop eating! Even if you aren't that hot about Macadamia nuts, you'll love this flavor anyway because it has a unique flavor all to itself!
- Popcorn Adict, GA


This is the most amazing popcorn I have evr tasted!! :
- Sarah, IA
This is the best flavor ever!! What a combination of sweet and crunchy!! I find myself craving it at all hours!!
- Sherry, IL


I LOVE Macadamia Butter Crunch popcorn. I've been eating it for a very long time. It's my favorite and I don't share with the other 5 people in my house. Lol. I'm trying to order some now, and it's not coming up. Why???
- Danel, CA

What They Serve in Heaven

If the George Bailey It's a Wonderful Life had eater some Macadamia Butter Crunch, he wouldn't have needed Clarence. Recently I was depressed and contemplating ending it all. I ate a bag of Macadamia Butter Crunch -- and I wanted to live again!
- Freda, IL
We all love this one. Yummy!! The macadamia nuts are fantastic. But it isn't on the list for refills.:-
- Jodie, ID


This is my family's favorite flavor. Everyone loves the taste and all the nuts!
- Jaime, IN

Macadamia butter Crunch

All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMMY! It's the greatest. Buttery and lots of macadamia nuts too!
- Diane Kaufman, TX

wooooderfullll sinnfulll

This popcorn/macadamia nut combo in caramel no less is heavenly. I take this to the movies with me Idon't need to buy any inside. All the corn kernels are popped perfectly covered in caramel. There's no match. It's the BEST......
- Dory, CA


The Macadamia Butter Crunch is the best out of all the flavors. It's light butter toffee popcorn with tons of macadamia nuts. I usually order 1 lb. bag with just the corn please and 1 lb. bag of the Chicago Style.
- Mariza, CA
Macadamia Butter Crunch is the best. I was pleasantly surprised at how many Macadamia nuts are mixed in with the popcorn. It is delicious and I plan to order some soon for upcoming events.
- Claretta, MI
My husband and I love the Macadamia Butter Crunch. We use to buy this flavor in the ninety's at our local mall, but we moved to another state and could not find another store. I recently found them again online and bought our favorite flavor. To our surprise the flavor did not change. Thanks for staying the same....which was worth the wait.
- Lori, WA
This is the best popcorn ever. My husband and I just love it!!
- Suzan L., CA
This stuff is sooo good! The popcorn itself is sweet but not too sweet. And the macadamias are huge! They're not cheap with the macadamias most places would probably chop them up or something. Very good!
- Lisa, OH

Macadamia Butter Crunch

I have been eating caramel corn for over forty years, and Macadamia Butter Crunch is my all-time favorite! It's rich, but light, with a delicate flavor...sublime!
- Carol, MI


I love the macadamia butter crunch. It literally melts in your mouth, yet has just the right amount of crunch. Kudos to you popcorn palace for combining such a yummy treat.
- Kimberly, IL

macadamia butter crunch

awesome!!!!!!!!! Try it now!!!!
- barb, CA


This is by far the best popcorn I've ever tasted...I swear it almost brought a tear to my eye...Highly recommend
- lawozniak, NJ
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love the macadamia nuts
- Lynn, IN
This is so good. They don't skimp on the macadamia nuts, lots of flavor here!!
- Rosie, CA


We don't buy popcorn in the movie theatre anymore. We just bring our macadamia butter crunch it's better. I thoroughly enjoy this popcorn. Thanks....
- Dory, CA


i came to chicago and heard that i needed to head to popcorn palace. i got this and one other flavor and couldn't believe how great it was. light, buttery, sweet, and several whole macadamia nuts. one of the best.
- aj, TX

Macademia Nut Crunch

My favorite popcorn of all time, hands down is macadamia butter crunch, but....I'd like to include it in a combo this fall for my niece at college and it doesn't come up as an option on your combos. Help! :-(
- Judy, CA


Light, big macadamia nuts! You'll have to fight people off to get a handful!
- LindaM, MI
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