Macadamia Magic

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Macadamia Magic

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About This Flavor

Macadamia Magic

Macadamias have a delicate sweetness and an irresistible soft crunch. Roasted, lightly salted and blended with gourmet popcorn, our special glaze is their perfect partner: softly crisp and delicately sweet with echoes of brown sugar. It’s a match – and a taste – made in heaven.

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Registered Nurse

UM UM UM De and lish and us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Charlotte Robinson, MO
very simply OMG THIS IS IOT TGHE BEST OUR FAMILY EVER HAD ...... OOOO....MMMMM....GGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- David , WI

Happy customer

I love this popcorn no other popcorn compares !!
- Kristen Lunceford, IL
Best popcorn ever. Lots of Macadamias.
- Anne , CA

Executive Assistant, UTHealth

I have been ordering Macadamia Magic forever! Several years back you had stopped making it and after much begging you made me six gallons to give to my family for Christmas. I guess I wasn't the only customer disappointed in your decission to dicontinue it because it was back on the supreme flavor list and has remained there. I originally purchased your products from a franchise store at the Redondo Beach Galleria in California and when I moved to Houston thirteen years ago I began purchasing online. Thank you for a AAA+ product that remains the same quality and taste, superior to all other brands of popcorn out there!
- Sheila Amiot, TX
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