Kettle Corn

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Kettle Corn

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Kettle Corn

It’s astonishing what the mastery of four simple ingredients – corn, corn oil, sugar and salt – can produce. A sensual, yet not overwhelming interplay of buttery flavor, flirty saltiness, teasing sweetness and satisfying crunch. After crunch. After crunch. No wonder it’s made in kettles.

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Love it!

Excellent flavor. Three bags are definitely not enough.
- Nancy G. , PA


Awesome flavor!!! Will buy more.
- Diana , NC

Best Kettle Corn Ever!!!

I would like to preface this review by saying, I am not a fan of kettle corn. Never have been. I don't care for sweet popcorn. I'm more of a savory flavor chic. A friend of mine had a bag of kettle corn from Popcorn Palace she bought from someone through a fundraiser. When she offered me some, I turned her down. She pretty much harassed me into trying this popcorn because, she swore it was the best kettle corn she'd ever tasted. I finally gave in and tried the darn stuff. I immediately fell in love! This kettle corn is probably better than the kettle corn you get at the carnival! It's not too sweet and it's not too salty. It blends just the right amount of sweet and savory and I can't get enough! This will definitely be my go to popcorn on all future orders!
- Annette W., TX

Gift For My Father

Oh my, sent three bags on 10/31, it is 11/10 and he is almost out. Five star rating!
- Debra Silcox, IN

Business Manager (Healthcare)

I love this popcorn! It was so delicious and fresh. The concern when ordering popcorn on line is flavor and freshness. This ranks supreme on both fronts. If you like kettle corn popcorn-you will be hooked on this-I am
- Sonia , FL
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