Fruit Rainbow

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Fruit Rainbow

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About This Flavor

Fruit Rainbow

A favorite with kids, parents and grandparents, too, this Fruit Rainbow has a pot of gold at the beginning, that is, we start with a light golden glaze for our crisp gourmet popcorn Then we add real fruit oils and other flavors so that each kernel has its own distinct fruit taste. It’s a treasure hunt in every bag!

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I love this one just don't care to much for the way the purple taste.
- Mark, AR
This was great tasty fun for aduls and children during the recent holidays. The flavors reminded us of our childhood favorite cereal-Trix. The popcorn colors and flavors were great! We also bought the the salted caramel popcorn and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s, my favorite.
- Northwesr Sunflower, WA
Omg its so good I can eat a bag just by myself. We always buy it for like Christmas. I love the white cheddar popcorn it's the!!!
- Sydnei, IL

A Tasty Treat

Ordered this on a whim 'cause it looked so good. Tastes as good as it looks. Crisp and fresh, each color has a slightly different fruit flavor -- Fruit Loops/Fruity Pebbles comparisons are close, but this is far superior in color, quality and taste. A little pricey, perhaps, but if you're gonna indulge, you might as well go for it. Highly recommended.
- Charlie, CA
This sort of reminds me of those rainbow popcorn blocks from the county fair I'd get as a kid. Only this tastes fresh and more like Fruit Loops! I ordered a value bag, I'm not sure that's enough!
- Mellisa V, CA
It was a Christmas gift so I didn't taste it, but she loved it!!!!!
- Kristi, OK
I have been looking for this flavored popcorn for a long time. I remember it from when I was a little girl and there was a popcorn shop in the mall that we used to frequent. I just want to say, it is just as I remember, Delicious!!!
- Katisha, TN

Really Good

I purchased this flavor along with others thru a fundraiser. I initially picked rainbow for my nephew, but once I had a handle full I wish I purchased a bag for myself. Taste kind of like fruit loops or fruity pebbles but with a much richer flavor. It's really good, and arrived very fresh!!
- Dee, CA
I had been looking for this popcorn for a long time! We used to have a store when I was a kid that sold it and I haven't seen it in years! I never thought to look online. I'm so glad I finally did. Just as great as I remembered!! I even shared with my husband... Well a little! :)
- Amanda, FL
The popcorn was very very good. It arrived in time for Christmas. My children loved it. Thank you.
- Joanne Inguagiato, NY

Ooo! La! La!

I love these popcorn. I could not stop eating them. They taste exactly like the sweetest fruit I've ever eatened. The taste is splendid, the texture is perfect, and the price is affordable. If you love fruit flavored snacks, then this would be a real treat.
- Sharon Lair, LA

rainbow popcorn

I first experience the rainbow popcorn from a fundraiser sale, I fell in love with the fruity and tasteful popcorn , that I kept the package so that I could order my own from the company. The one gallon bag was huge, The popcorn is fresh and delicious, mmmmmmmmmm. Way to go
- patricia humphrey, MI

Amazing Grace

WOW it looks so good and it taste good too !! Everybody in the world should try it !! And it taste just like fruit, try it :)
- Lia, OH


This Rainbow Popcorn was a hge surprise. The fruit flavors were fabulous and not just sugar flavor, truly fruit flavored. It is getting more and more difficult to pick my favorite.
- Kate, MI

My Fav

So I was at work yesterday and someone brought this in. I've never had flavored popcorn that was so good, crunchy, and best of all it didn't stick together. I got online and ordered 3 3.5 Gal Tins and had them shipped to my neices & nephews. Love this stuff. I ordered bags of the fruit rainbow and blueberry for myself - can't wait to try the blueberry.
- Vicki, TX

soooo goooood

yum yum yum yum yum yum
- ellie, NY

ooooo it looks sooo good!!!!

i have never tied this one but it sounds really good i have tried your chocolate drizzle & i loved it!!!!
- cheyenne, KY

can't stop eating it

Why do you all make this stuff? I can't stop eating it! It should be in its' own food group.
- kevin, VA


my dad brought home a big bag of rainbow popcorn and it was soooo good
- ashlin, IL


i first had the rainbow popcorn when i went on vacation this year in panama city beach florida and we stopped at the mall there and i purchased 4 bags of it by the time we got back to ga the same day i had eaten all but one of one of the 4 bags!!!
- nitee, GA

This would make a great cereal!!!

This is the best popcorn I've ever had!! I truly think if you turned this into a cereal it would be great! I've tried it and it is dee-licious!!!
- Julianne, CA

Kids loved it!

We received these in a goody bag at a birthday party and they were so delcious and fruity. The kids were fighting over them and I actually made them save a little to let other family members try it.
- Jean, AZ
My friend from school bought this rainbow popcorn and brought it to school and within 5 min. the popcorn was gone. this is my favorite popcorn. i love the fruity flavors. her remark about her popcorn being gone was that she was ordering another bag and not bringing that bag to school.
- keaton, KY

Loved it!

I ordered this flavor to simply try something new. I love it! I feel as though I'm eating Fruity Pebbles in every bite. It's fun and tastes great! I would highly recommend this to people of ALL ages.
- Mandi Kelley, AL


My boyfriend and I first tried the Rainbow popcorn while is Las Vegas... We went CRAZY!! We both fell in love with the unique yet familiar flavors. It remindes us of being kids again!
- Carolyn, CA



Will make great stocking stuffers!

I found a bag at a local farm store today and we LOVED it! I plan to place a large order to stuff many stockings, for the kids, at Christmas!They will love the colors and taste. Thanks Popcorn Palace!
- Denise, CT
Oh My Goodness! I've been praying for this. My mom just came back from Northern Va and was looking high and low for my favorite popcorn and could not find it... And I looked here... And needless to say, God has given me my hearts desire. Amen
- Tamika, VA


My daughter and I love the rainbow popcorn. I ordered a pail of it for her birthday and she couldn't wait to open it.
- rosalynn, OH

Year Round Carnival

All i can say is WOW! My family loves it. It's the best. My kids love to camp indoors on rainy days and having Rainbow Popcorn is highlight of the night for them and me too. Thank you for the great flavors.
- Elly, CT


I remember these when I was a kid. I didn't think I would ever see them again. WOW! am I HAPPY
- Nrsrtcht, CA

Over the Rainbow

I order this once a year as a treat for myself. It is very sweet and the best candy-coated popcorn I've ever tasted. Each kernel is well-coated just as the picture shows.
- Jennifer, TX


The Rainbow flavor is sweet treat that reminds you of fun in the summertime. Its a great snack that you can eat anytime! The only place to get this is Popcorn Palace with all of their other GREAT flavors!
- Shanna, NV
I wanted to try all of the fruity flavors and what better way to try it than all mixed together.Totally delicious.
- Nicole, IL


- tisha, SC

Birthday snacks

I filled it in buckets and put it on evey tabel at my daughter birthday. Everyone sayed it eas better then chips and dip
- Janelle, CA

Love that rainbow!

It's just sweet enough. There's lots of variety and it's pretty.
- Roni, IL
My aunt had a giant bucket of this for a road trip we went on over 24 years ago. I still love it! It tastes exactly like I remember. Rainbow will always be my favorite flavor it brings back fond memories.
- Patti, CA

Rainbow rocks!

It's a candy, it's's both in one. What a concept. I love to eat the pieces individually - or sometimes I go wild and put the whole bunch in my mouth at once - what a flavor explosion! It's great at a party too.

Loads of flavor fun!

My husband and I gave our son this colorful, full of flavor snack but found ourselves enjoying it just as much,if not more. You can eat one at a time to experience each fruity flavor or by the handful for a unique mix of fruity flavors! Either way you'll find big tast in every bite! YUM!
- Jamey Raymond, WA

Reminds me of TRIX

This brings you right back to being 5 and hearing the rascally rabbit tell you that TRIX are for kids. It's fun, festive, and fruity and not only for kids!!!
- Katie, NY
This such a treat after a long day after work. I love this popcorn
- Marilynn Lemons-Madison, TX
We love the rainbow! Almost like eating fruit. I purchase it two to three times a year for my mom! Our VERY VERY favorite!!!
- readerbear, OR

birthday bash hit

we gave bags of rainbow out for a birthday party favor. The kids had a blast eating it up! thanks popcorn palace!
- jim, IL
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