French Caramel

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French Caramel

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About This Flavor

French Caramel

Fleur de Sel (“flower of salt”) is hand-harvested French sea salt. A mere kiss blended into our consummate French Caramel becomes the first delicate taste on your tongue, promising sweet, smoky caramel depths that you haven’t experienced before. Note: This isn’t “chow-down” popcorn.

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Perfectly Balanced...

The flavor profile is addicting! Delicately balancing the favors of sweet, salty and buttery, this has quickly become a favorite in our home.
- R Graham, TX
We love this stuff. It is just the right amount of sweet,salty,crispy,buttery. Bought our first in store when traveling. Have ordered on line several times since. Warning it is habit forming. LOL
- Opal, TX

Excellent Flavor

This popcorn is sweet with just the right hint of salty. It is the best caramel popcorn I have ever had and highly recommend it!
- Jenny, NY

Amazing flavor

I loved the flavor of this popcorn it was sweet but also buttery and light, giving it a great sweet/salty contrast. Would definitely order this again.
- Jenny B., NY

Just the right amount of caramel

Lovely sweet caramel taste with a hint of salt coating each large kernel of corn!
- DeborahDee, MI
This was the second time I ordered the French Caramel. "Love it!"
- Kim, MI
French Caramel is our fav love the salty sweet taste.
- Patty, TX
Loved the sweet and salty taste!
- Karla, FL
Nicely surprised by the light coating over crisp popcorn with just a whisper of salt. Truly a keeper!
- Faith, MI
Best popcorn ever! Sweet,butter carmel with just a touch of saltiness. A big winner!
- Brian, OH

Truly a keeper!

Nicely surprised by the coating over crisp popcorn with just a whisper of salt. Truly a keeper!
- Faith, CA
I LOVE the sweet and salty taste of the popcorn! I also love how they are in perfect little balls!
- Haleigh Thrun, IL

Perfect combination

I love this new flavor. The combination of sweet and salty is perfect. This is something that I would buy.
- Patricia Paul, IL


Delicious! I found this to be better than expected. The caramel was full bodied and rich, and the salt was a great pairing. I have had other fleur de sel flavors before, but I seriously enjoyed this. When I saw the bag, I figured I was in for some regular old Cracker Jack. No way. This is Cracker Jack's older cousin, cultured and smooth, just back from a summer abroad. You thought you had a crush on Cracker Jack, but now he just seems immature and coarse. Fleur de Sel is all you can think about now.
- Lisa, TN
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