Double Chocolate

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Double Chocolate

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About This Flavor

Double Chocolate

As chocolate popcorn pioneers, we believe more is better when it comes to drizzling rich milk chocolate and luxurious white chocolate over lightly salted, slightly sweet Kettle Corn. One wonderful taste, and you may have your own definition of “more is better”. Available October 1 – April 30.

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Best chocoate popcorn!!!!!!
- Joanne H, MA


The taste of the two chocolates is delicious and the popcorn is very crispy. It's a treat you don't want to miss! We love it....
- Pat, PA


My favorite so far will by again!!
- Ginger Biggs, GA

For Chocolate Lovers

Great matching of the 2 chocolates. I have given this flavor to others as a gift. My friends comment on the wonderful flavor. They ask for more.
- Marjorie Schell, OH

Wicked Good!

My cousin sent us a tin with the double chocolate, the white chocolate and the caramel (don't know the official names!) and they were ALL delicious. My fave was the double chocolate, as it had a slight salty side and then the rich chocolate! OMG, was all this good. I say "WAS" because we don't have even one kernal left now! LOL I hope I get this every year and will put it on my list of things to send to friends and family!
- Carolyn, VA

A Must Have!

Absolutely incredible!!
- Shannon, WI

My sons love it!

I ordered this as a surprise for my sons on movie night. They are 7 and 12 years old. They both love the double chocolate but my personal favorite is white chocolate peanut butter! Great for snacking and dessert!
- Dezzarray, TX


The popcorn in this flavor is lightly salted and wonderful. It's over the top fabulous when you get a mouthful of the popcorn with the dark and white chocolate. If you enjoy sweet and salty this is perfect. I could eat it for dessert!!
- Linda, NJ

Poultry Farmer

I bought tis popcorn around the Holidays at the local Costco in our area and fell in love with it. It is the best flavored popcorn I ever ate. My family enjoys it as much as i do. I recently went to Costco to buy more and the no longer have it. I was so disappointed. They told me it is seasonal. Please put it back on the shelves again. It is to good not to sell it year round.The chocolate just makes it so good.
- Jane Smith, PA
I've had the cheaper version of this from a different name brand that I bought at our local Wallyworld....but when I ate this chocolate treasure from PP, I was hooked! The chocolate is so much better and there were hardly any kernals to ruin it. My favorite snack ever!
- Lisa Meier, WI
Love, Love, Love this flavor of popcorn, it is the best. You have to try it. I hide mine so nobody else can eat it but me, it is so good.
- kiim, IL


i love this it is the best
- emily the lamma, MO


Wow, I got the six flavor all-in-one tin from a fund raiser and LOVED this mix. A must have!
- gcarter101, TX


This is the best flavor of popcorn you'll ever find! EVER!
- Bridget, MN


This is the best popcorn that i have ever tasted in the world. YUMMY!!!!!
- desi, WY

Nancy K.

This is the best flavor of popcorn that I ever had. The two chocolates make it so melt - in - your - mouth good!!! When you start eating it, it's very hard to stop. Why stop? You need to save some so you can indulge in this satisfying pleasure again. I wish it was available all year long.
- Nanski, MI
YUM! This is soooo good!
- Tami, WI

Best I've tried so far!

Delicious! The double chocolate is by far the best popcorn I've had to date. Oreo flavor is good as well. Can't wait to try other varieties.
- philippa3, PA

Double Chocolate

Totally Addictive. I almost hate to buy this flavor because I love it so much. Everybody I share it with does too. The chocolate flavors are a perfect blend. Uniquely different and delicious !
- Sharsie, CA
The combination of white and milk chocoalate along with the sweet and salty kettle corn taste is like heaven. I would say this is the best snack I have every tasted.
- Ryan, CO
A chocolate lovers dream corn. A outstanding mix of flavors to create a great taste. We enjoy every bite.
- Katie, MI
I got this from a friend and fell in love! I like milk chocolate, but I love White chocolate. I never thought to put it on popcorn. You get the best of both worlds with this combo!!
- Jaime, TX
Sooo good, it'll make you fat just smelling it! The white chocolate gives it this creaminess, plus the saltiness of the popcorn...heaven!
- Lisa, OH
its the best
- lee, PA

They're ALL Yummy - but this is our FAV

We love, love, love this double chocolate popcorn. We get it every time we order a multi-pack or can.
- KZMAtlanta, GA
This is by far my favorite popcorn flavor. My co-worker received a tin for Christmas and the Double-Chocolate was the first flavor to run out. The chocolate combination just melts in your mouth!! Highly recommend this flavor to everyone.
- Heather, NY
The combination of these two chocolates is heavenly. When I first heard of this popcorn flavor, I wasn't sure I would like it. One taste and I was hooked. It's delicious!!!
- Ava, CA

Chocolate popcorn, who would of thought

I won this at a Chocolate Themed fund raiser. Wasn't sure of mixing the two chocolate popcorntogether but WOW! Very addicting. Thank you.
- Karen, FL
I absolutely love this flavor. It is so wonderful to have the creamy sweet taste of chocolate and the salty crunch of the popcorn together. Its a shame that this is not offered year round...but I understand. If I wasnt home to get my delivery of double chocolate popcorn in the oven-like temp of Vegas summer it would be a melted mush.
- Mary, NV
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