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Cookies & Dream

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Cookies & Dream

We’ve taken cookies & cream to a whole new level. We generously coat our popcorn with freshly glazed French Vanilla and then toss it with mounds of crushed Oreo cookies. This rich combination is absolutely addictive!

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Highly addictive! It's nearly impossible to put it down, so delicious!
- LJ, IL
Best sweet popcorn snack Ever, not too sweet just right.... Bought it to support a kids fundraiser and I will now be a loyal customer
Gave to my husband for Christmas. He loves it and my kids love it.
- URSpider1, VA
Omg luv luv so good
- andrea jackson, LA
I Brought the cookies and dream flavor for my son and he LOVED It!
- dwan, MD


I love the cookies and dream , the nutty caramel needs some work though. Not liking the rainbow flavor .
- bobbie morton, CA


I bought some of this popcorn (cookies & dream flavor) from the fundraiser that my daughter's school was having, and once I opened the bag, I could not put it down!!!! OMG!...I ate the whole bag within 24 hours!!!! I want more!...a larger portion this time! Best popcorn Ever!
- Dionne Murphy , VA


My co worker asked if I wanted to try this popcorn, I said no at first. Who thought up putting cookies & cream on popcorn? She insisted that I try it....... I did!!! I have been searching for anyone with this popcorn. I purchased a jar from a co worker. I had the jar for 3 days, it was gone!! Didn't think I would eat all of it so fast! I've become addicted to this sweet stuff. Have recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you to the nice ppl who thought this was a good idea.
- Lakisha, DC
I purchased this popcorn through a softball fundraiser. Oh my gosh, this has got to be the best popcorn on the face of the earth!!!!!
- Chante Riley, SC


A friend of mine had done a fundraiser with this company to raise money for a field trip. I decided to order the snack bag of cookies and dream not knowing what it would taste like. Worst mistake ever buying the snack size. Best popcorn I have EVER had in my life. Ate it in one sitting. Bought a bag from another person who didn't want it because she was on a diet and just contributed to the fundraiser. I'm about to order a gallon bag. Maybe even a tin. Absolutely the best.
- Ambria , DE

OMG- I need more!

A co-worker's child offered this during his school's fundraiser and being the supportive friend that I am...I placed an order and chose this flavor on her recommendation. OMG..I almost ran a stop light trying to fish the bag out of my purse. This flavor is to die for and is my new favorite. I had to ask her what company makes it to be able to order directly from them as there was no way I could wait until the next fundraiser!! It was my intention to share with my family once I got home because telling them about it would do it no justice...however, the bag did not make the drive home. I ate it all..and in no way am I ashamed! LOL
- Diona, NC

The BEST Popcorn I have had in years!

I have purchased the Cookies and DREAM popcorn as a fundraiser for a youth grounp in my town and it is some of the best popcorn I have had in a very long time. When I was younger, we did some of the same fundraisers and it was never this good. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to purchase great popcorn. The flavors are wonderful.
- Alexandra , MI

Yummy, but

I liked this flavor combination. I just would have liked smaller pieces of cookies so I could have some in most every bit to go with the popcorn. I just broke mine up then redistributed before eating. Would probably buy again.
- Candice, LA


It's the best. I could not put it down. It's my favorite.
- Tammy, MD
This flavor is really delicious. My co-workers and I have found the best way to eat it is to break up all the cookies so that every kernel has cookie. This flavor and many others never really last too long at work or at home for any of us. The freshness is amazing considering it travels and gets tossed around in the mail. Popcorn Palace comes highly recommended from your friends in Cleveland, OH.
- Darylyn Hopes, OH

Oreo Dream

My co-worker told me to try some. I was skeptical at first, but it was the best popcorn I had in my life!!! He left the bucket in my office and it kept calling my name. I grab some more to eat and then more... Then I said ok that’s enough... Then I told myself I was going to eat an Oreo and stop. I ended up smashing the entire bucket of popcorn while I was talking to another co-worker. Then he came in looking for his popcorn. I told him fault, I got a fat man soul! Now I'm on here ordering some for my wife and co-worker.
- Sakima S, TX

Better than...well you know

This cookies and cream treat is SO addicting! Its amazing. I agree, when I first had some i thought to myself "it could be a little more sweeter" but the more I ate the more refreshing it became and happened, I noticed a BUNCH of oreos in the bag...not just any kind of oreo, oh no.....but GLAZED oreos. Those oreos are so good and so sweet, it created the perfect balance with the popcorn so it was NO disappointment at all. This is by far the best popcorn yet.
- Jonathan, MA

2 thumbs up!

DELICIOUS! I couldn't put it down.
- LaKisha K., MS

Great Stuff

I love it it needs more flavor but overall its great.
- Ryan H, NY

cookies & dream

I did not have any-gave it to a friend for Christmas. She loved it-said it was awesome. Will buy again.
- Danielle, NJ


This a wonderful treat! I really enjoyed it and im about to order me another case!!
- Qundarius Aldredge, LA


Last year my husband gave me the popcorn of the month club. Cookies and Dream was the last popcorn I received, it was my favorite and I have ordered it a few times since then, it's the best. I actually take the Oreos and break them up in the bag of popcorn that way I have more Oreos with each handful. It is a very large bag.
- Kitty's Mom, PA
3 words, BEST popcorn EVER!
- Brett, NY
I bought this popcorn from my son because his school was selling it. I am not a popcorn fan at all! This flavor was absolutely DELICIOUS! I only wish I had bought more!
- nita , NY


This is the best popcorn that I have every had I came across this as a part of a funraiser and didnt think that it would be a good tast but OOOOOO was I wrong I got the bag yesterday and its gone today so I will be getting a few bags before I leave the site LOOOOOOOOVE IT.
- Ashley , LA
This is the best popcorn that I have ever had I love the fact that you get whole oreos in the bag WINNER love it. I got this as a part of a fundraiser but I had it so bad that I went on the website I will be placing a order ASAP..
- Ashley, LA


This popcorn is delicious! I love it!
- Linette Green, TX

Best of the Best

This company must have put drugs in the Cookies and Dreams, because I'm addicted to them. I bought these from a co-worker that was raising money for a kids sports team and I decided to try these out. WOW, I was blown away when I try these and now I can't put them down. Someone please give me the number to help with my addiction. Help!!! LOL.
- Marlon, IL


This is the best popcorn I have ever had.
- Adam, IN


I love this 3 daughters and I can't get ehough of it!
- Olga, AR

My review for this delightful Cookies and Dream Popcorn

I like it.
- Sherlock H. Olmes, AB

Unique flavor!

Loved this flavor! In my book, it's second only to the Salt & Pepper. Great for a quick desert during a stay-at-home movie night!
- Chris Williams, GA

Vice President

Great Popcorn!
- Dinesha Griggs, TX


Cookies & Cream was very delicious!
- Victoria, TX
- Victoria, TX

Project Manager

Absolutely Delicious!
- brendan, NV
I'm good for trying new and different kinds of foods,but when I tried the cookies and cream popcorn I had to get out of bed,and look up the website so I can purchase more. To me this was better than the ice cream itself who ever thought of this flavor to me it was a good choice and I will be ordering more and more to bad I only had a little bag. I've been waiting on my catalog to come. Good choice this popcorn is great can't wait to order more,and try the other flavors.
- Nancy Rucker, MO
This is probably the most delicious popcorn I have EVER tried. I was in popcorn heaven, that is until I ate it all and ran out, then proceeded to spend most of my pay check on more. It was definitely worth it though!
- Somebody, NY

a craving!

best yummy snack ever!
- hilogirl808, HI


This was by far the best popcorn I have ever tried. I couldn't stop eating it and am now going to have to order more. Sweet, cruncky, but still with the creaminess of the inside of an Oreo. FANTASTIC
- Jen, OH

mmhmhmh qood,

this choice of popcorn is the best !
- kayla, MA


Better than sex!
- ChinaCat, PA


I had ordered popcorn from the site before. But I was floored when I saw my fav quotCarmel Chocolate Drizzle wasn't available in the warmer months due to the melting factor.So I was having a hard time deciding which sweet to put in my tin. WELL , this flavor is now my sweet for the summer months. The taste is so good. It's especially good when mixed with a savory flavor like creamy ranch. OH SO GOOD
- LaMonica, MI

Delish in a dish

This is a pretty insane flavor! The crunchy/munchies will be dimished if you eat this! The coating is light and heavenly and then pretty big pieces of cookies in the bag as well.
- D, MA

Cookies and Cream Lovers

We were eating in school and this was the best popcorn we ever ate even our teachers loved it it has a very unique taste
- natalie joseline, IL
This popcorn tastes great. I love the fact that it comes with Oro cookies in the jar.
- Reem, PA

Cookies and Cream

Just one word! YUM! My daughters school had a fundraiser. The Cookies and Cream was a hit! I bought 4 bags myself. YUM
- Renee, GA
Simply Amazing! The best I've ever tasted
- Da FaTaL WuN, CT

The Greatest

Cookies and Cream is the greatest popcorn I will hunt you if you stop making it. Humble, TX
- Kim-Nicole, TX

yum yum yum yum yum Delicioso!!

This popcorn was so delicious it was like going to heaven and bringing back a piece well im overexagerating but it was delish
- mamo, CA
loveeeeeeee this popcorn, so good, can't get enough. addicting :
- maria, CA
Imagine mixing cookies and milk with popcorn! Sounds different...but wow!!! It's delicious! Like kettle corn, it's a great combination of sweet and salty, with big cookie chunks mixed in as a bonus. Yum!
- mackdaddyg, TN

Who woulda thought?

When this flavor was included in a sampler I bought, I was very reluctant to try it. It seemed like a very odd combination. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be one of my favorites! You just really need to try it to understand how well it works together. Delicious!

Sweet Snack

I love this flavor because it is the perfect blend of light popcorn and Oreo cookies. The popcorn is light and fluffy and the cookies add sweetness and crunch for the perfect pairing and delicious sweet snack.
- Stefanie Schmidt, NV
YUMMY! My absolute favorite flavor!
- noah, CA

yummie in my tummie

it's so good. even as an adult the flavors remind me of my childhood, eating this treat at the shopping malls. its dessert meets snack meets decadence. yummie in my tummie
- Lisa, CA

Comfort food

It's the perfect mix of crunch and creaminess and is always around when you need a little love.
- Focus, CA

Kosmic Kernels!

So good, it'll make you wanna slap your mama!
- Hershel, NY
This popcorn is better than the ice cream! I espacially love the Oreos inside the popcorn!
- popcorn lover, TX


The smooth chocolatey wafer and the rich icing flavor poiured en this popcorn make it downright addictive. I can never pass by the store without purchasing some of this, and I can barely contain myself to wait untilo I got home to eat it!
- Vendela, CA


Popcorn Palace has taken a favorite ice cream flavor and put it into a sweet crunchy,fun to munch snack, perfect for curling up on the couch for a movie to sitting around a campfire and anywhere in between! I give this tasty anytime snack five kernels hands down!
- Jamey Raymond, WA

Big Fan of Cookies Cream

I was never a big fan of Oero Cookies until I tried Cookies Cream flavored popcorn. This is the best popcorn I have ever tasted. I loved it so much I ordered some for the office and it was the first to go. Thanks to whom ever created this flavor. IT'S THE BEST!
- Senro brusco, CA
Naughtily delicious!
- fatima, ID
Better than my favorite ice cream of the same name!
- Big Guy, IN
This popcorn is better than hockey practise. I stopped playing Zelda and Grand Theft Auto for 5 minutes to eat this delicious popcorn. It is amazing, the person who created this popcorn must be Einstein's Second Cousin.
- Unknown
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