Cookies & Dream

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Cookies & Dream

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About This Flavor

Cookies & Dream

We’ve taken cookies & cream to a whole new level. We generously coat our popcorn with freshly glazed French Vanilla and then toss it with mounds of crushed Oreo cookies. This rich combination is absolutely addictive!

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I Brought the cookies and dream flavor for my son and he LOVED It!
- dwan, MD


I love the cookies and dream , the nutty caramel needs some work though. Not liking the rainbow flavor .
- bobbie morton, CA


I bought some of this popcorn (cookies & dream flavor) from the fundraiser that my daughter's school was having, and once I opened the bag, I could not put it down!!!! OMG!...I ate the whole bag within 24 hours!!!! I want more!...a larger portion this time! Best popcorn Ever!
- Dionne Murphy , VA


My co worker asked if I wanted to try this popcorn, I said no at first. Who thought up putting cookies & cream on popcorn? She insisted that I try it....... I did!!! I have been searching for anyone with this popcorn. I purchased a jar from a co worker. I had the jar for 3 days, it was gone!! Didn't think I would eat all of it so fast! I've become addicted to this sweet stuff. Have recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you to the nice ppl who thought this was a good idea.
- Lakisha, DC
I purchased this popcorn through a softball fundraiser. Oh my gosh, this has got to be the best popcorn on the face of the earth!!!!!
- Chante Riley, SC
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