Coconut Cloud Nine

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Coconut Cloud Nine
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Coconut Cloud Nine

The aroma of coconut goodness is light and pure. The crunch of buttery glaze and crisp popcorn are beautifully paired with the unmistakable chewiness of real shaved coconut.

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This coconut popcorn is absolutely the best popcorn I have EVER purchased! A little taste of heaven!!
- momica, GA


First tried this at a popcorn tasting party at the resort we were staying at! Couldn't wait to get home to order my own! You didn't disappoint!
- Pam, CA


'Coconut' and 'popcorn' aren't normally flavors that I would associate together yet the Coconut Cloud Nine popcorn is addictive. I love coconut so I had to try it, however the other members of my household don't and were reluctant until I assured them it wasn't overly-'coconutty' nor had an artificial taste--big mistake because now I have to share the bag :( And thank you to the poster that likened it to Rice Krispies treats. Whenever I've related to others my new 'Cloud 9 addiction' I've been at a loss when they've asked for a description of the taste, but you nailed it and its indeed reminiscent of that sentimental favorite (even better though)!
- Jen, OH
Coconut glaze is perfect that you'll eat half the bag before you know it. No kernels ever makes it even better.
- Brycen, WA


I was afraid of this tasting too coconut-y but it was just perfect. I bought it for the office and it changed lives. Haha. It's got a nice crunch to it and is sweet like a Rice Krispies Treat. The coconut flavor is there but it is not overwhelming. A great balance.
- Jess, NY
Personally it is a little too sweet for me but the coconut flavor really comes through, My Husband loves it.
- Joanne, NJ

Totally Awesome!

You really have to love Coconut to enjoy this amazing popcorn and I do!! It's sweet but not overly sweet and you can really taste the coconut flavor. It's addictive!!
- Linda, NJ
Excellent fresh flavor. Once you start it's hard to stop eating, it tastes so good!
- Rick Shahan, CA
The best popcorn on the planet. The coconut is amazing. Not too sweet. Buttery coco-nutty and I am totally addicted.
- D Petrow, NJ
I really like the sweetness of this. The coconut had a nice consistency. Think maybe a nutty flavor would add to this fun taste.
- Janice Russell, OH
I absolutely loved this popcorn. I am a lover of coconut and this popcorn absolutely hit the spot. The flavor is suttle and not over bearing. I plan on ordering this in the near future.
- LaDonna Robinson, CA
Coconut Cloud 9 popcorn is a delicious treat, with the munch of popcorn and the sweet taste of coconut.
- Trish Howell, CA
The Coconut Cloud Nine is verryyy yummy…..
- Rebecca Mulvaney, FL
I really enjoyed the coconut flavor. It was not too strong a flavor. I haven't ever had a coconut flavored popcorn before. It is good.
- Paul Wiley, FL
The first bite, I didn't think I was going to like it. After eating several bites I thought the flavor was tasty and I enjoyed it.
- Jordan Meeks, FL
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