Chipotle Cheese

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Chipotle Cheese
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Chipotle Cheese

Our piquant Cheddariffic popcorn gets gently smokin’ with chipotle and chili powder, white and black pepper, cayenne and paprika. The peppers makes it medium-hot, the cheddar makes it tangy and smooth, and a kiss of sugar makes it a surprise. You’ll quickly make it a favorite.

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Terrific savory treat - the snack keeps you reaching for more.
- K, IL
Just couldn't get enough. Just love Chipptle Cheese.
- Rose, MI
Absolutely the best flavor on the planet!! I pair it up with almost any sweet flavor just to change it up. Macadamia Nut, Cloud 9 really all of them. Chipotle Cheese is ALWAYS on my order. Every time!!!
- Sally, GA
You have 29 flavors and I have tried most, but the FAV the absolute FAV is the Chipolte Cheese!!! What's so great is that yes the flavor stands alone but, it does marry with all the others to make a truely unique flavor profile. Just grab a handful of one, then a handful of the Chipolte and ENJOY. Now when I order (which is almost weekly), the Chipolte is always #1 on the order! While the highest rating is a 5 it should be a 10!!!!
- Sally Mulloy, GA
It's spicy. It's super cheesy. It's slightly sweet. It's stupendously delicious!!!!
- Susan Blackmer, CA
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