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Cheesy heaven, made for nibbling. Hot-air-popped corn provides the taste and the crunch that magnifies everything cheddar. Cheese and more cheese adds its gentle bite and buttery notes for classic flavor harmony. In a word, yum!

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The popcorn was great. I could not put it down. Thanks Popcorn Palace!!!
- Rachelle , MI

Cheddarific is finger Licious

LAWD, I've been a customer for about 10 years and I ALWAYS Enjoy my popcorn I usually order myself the Carmel with the Nuts and White Cheddar but this is the 1st time I got the CHEESE flavor popcorn for myself and OMG it was DELICIOUS (I'm a little embarrased to say that I was LICKING MY FINGERS by the end of the bag :-) and looking for MORE - certainly will be on Re-Order for my Anniversary coming up this month.
- Crystal , NJ

Cheer Coach

Great cheesy flavor! Always fresh!!
- Velda, CA
Excellent popcorn! Always fresh! Always delicious!
- Dixie, TX
Excellent------We especially like to mix the cheddarific flavor with the white cheddar flavor
- Cheryl Williams, CA

My Fav

Cheddarific is my personal favorite, I recommend this flavor to all the cheesy lovers
- april d , TX


This is a really strong cheese flavor. I suggest it to all my cheese loving people.
- daniel, CA
excellent popcorn
- Lorena, VA
Really, really liked it. I join the one who said it will become one of our favorites
- Jan Davis, LA
This popcorn is great. This will be one of my favorites. Flavor is excellent and I would recommend it to Anyone
- Deborah Morganfield, MO

Cheddarific is Our Very Favorite One of All!

If you love cheesy popcorn, you'll Love Cheddarific! It is so good! We also tried the Spicy Cheese and it's good as well. We like to mix these two together. We're hoping you come out with a Bacon flavored one soon, then we'd probably mix the Bacon & Cheddarific together as well! We, too, are glad we can order at anytime and don't have to wait until there's another popcorn palace fundraiser! We had our youth do your fundraiser awhile back and nearly everyone wished they would have ordered more than they's just that good!!! We are customers for life!
- Marsha Shelton, TX

Cheddarific is Awesome!

We have bought the cheddar and white cheese from people selling them for fundraisers. When I found that the website label was on the bag, I ordered both flavors on-line. We received our order in 3 days and the price is right! We love the variety of flavors. Now we don't have to wait 6 months until another fundraiser to enjoy their great taste! Thanks for making such a great product. You have 2 new customers for life!
- Larry B, IL

One of the best tasting ever!

This by far has been the best cheese popcorn ever, I also tried the chipotle & jalapeno, but Cheddariffic is the best one. Can you guys make a Smoked Gouda flavor?
- john, CT

Nothing Compares!

Tried this over the holidays for the first time and am now regular customer. The Cheddarific is the best and the popcorn is so light, fluffy, and the kernels are so big. The cheesiest ever!!! Also recommend the White Cheddar and for those who like spice, the Spicy Cheddar. Once you try it, you'll be back. It's so AWESOME!
- Pat, ID

cheddarific popcorn

This flavor is the most favorite of everyone in the family and friends that we have sent popcorn to as gifts. You can't find popcorn this good in the grocery stores, so whatever the cost, your popcorn is the very best and I would recommend it to anyone.
- Marjorie Hutchison, MS
MMMMMM with capital M's. The cheese flavors are my favorite along with much of my co-workers. They always come into the office just to see if I have any more. I have to hide it and tell them no.
- Alfredo Garcia, CA

LOVE it!

I am a frequent buyer of Popcorn Palace, Cheddariffic and White Cheddar are my "go-to" flavors! I absolutely love Cheddariffic! It is always fresh and always bursting with flavor. These guys are never stingy on the flavor, I would suggest you try it for yourself!
- Jami, TX

best flavor

Cheddarific is a family and co-worker favorite. Its like it has been rolled in cheese over and over! No other cheese popcorn compares to it. The price is well worth it. We love the 1 gal.bags! I buy at Christmas for prizes and I get the whole family to participate because they want to win the popcorn..its hilarious to see everyone playing gaimes for cheddarific popcorn. Also we love cheesy caramel..popcorn palace is awesome!
- susie, CA

best flavor

Cheddarific is a family and co-worker favorite. Its like it has been rolled in cheese over and over! No other cheese popcorn compares to it. The price is well worth it. We love the 1 gal.bags! I buy at Christmas for prizes and I get the whole family to participate because they want to win the popcorn..its hilarious to see everyone playing gaimes for cheddarific popcorn. Also we love cheesy caramel..popcorn palace is awesome!
- susie, CA

Very cheesy

Love this flavor- so much cheese you will be licking it off your fingers- I ate the whole bag by self- they asked and I said "NO"-
- Shylo, OH
Cheddarific has the real taste of cheddar cheese. Great flavor and an excellent popcorn. Highly recommend.
- Arthur Armstrong, OK
This is a snack the whole family will love! We always order 2 bags because the first one never lasts we like it so much! A definite must when we order from you!
- Crystal Paskett, ID


I wasn't a fan of cheese popcorn until I tried Cheddarific. This is the best popcorn of any flavor I have tried. Can't keep enough in the house. It is a bit pricey, but willing to pay as it is soooo very good.
- Rosemary, CA

My favorite

So far after about 8 different flavors this is my favorite.
- Patti King, AR


This is my favorite. It is so cheesy and crunchy it explodes in your mouth with flavor. Truly you will come back for more and more
- Beeno, MI
Was good .. not to rich like some other cheese popcorn . I wouild say about a medium coating buy all in all was very cood
- David , WI

Will Eat No Other Popcorn!!!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! That about sums it is expensive but I still buy it just the same :) I wish there were places to purchase it locally to cut down on shipping.
- Tawanda, AL

Cheddar heaven

So heavenly cheesy, every popcorn is covered with cheddar cheese, life could not get any better, I ❤❤❤ them
- Jessie Youssef, CA
Cheddarific is absolutely terrific!
- nic, IN

Yumm Yummmm Eat It Up

Delish!!!! My office ordered this from a fundraiser. We turned around and ordered more from the website. A bag of this did not last long. this is THE BEST!!!!!
- Katt, CA

Haven't found one better

You would think I'd be able to find as good a cheddar popcorn in New York City. Wrong. Popcorn Palace's Cheddarific is fabulous, so cheesy it can't be beat.
- Liz, NY


My dad brought this from my brother's school fundraiser. We loved it! The bag was gone in 2 days lol
- Jordan Brianna, OH
Purchased this from our school's fundraiser... absolutely amazing!!!! :) I will be buying these repeatedly :)
- Kimberly Tosi, NY

Cheddarific is Terrific

Delicious to the last bite!! I usually get six bags at a time and it barely lasts three days!!
- Shana Dillon, FL
Just like it's name it is terrific. I have tried several gourmet popcorns this is by far the best.
- Joanne, NJ


This flavor is really good! Devine! We LOVE it!
- C.Smith, GA

Escrow Assistant

Cheddarific popcorn is the best! I now have a new additiction and every bite is filled with flavor and only the absolutely the best, fullest popcorn, not crumbs, kernells, etc. Thank you for such an awesome treat! :-)
- Heather Kimura, CA

Excellent Product

This is the best tasting popcorn I every had. I had satisfied customers and it was so easy to sell. Many of my buyers brought more than one package.I had several customers to place orders everytime I placed a new order. I had no customer complaints. The bags I sold the most of was the Chedderific and Nutty Carmel.I had excellent service when I placed my order with the company and all of my orders were packaged well and delivered on time. I was able tyo meet my fundraiser goals and more.
- Wanda, SC

THE most flavorful cheddar popcorn EVER!

This is truly the best cheddar popcorn I've ever, not only in taste but also texture. It's just perfect. Everything at Popcorn Palace is delightful, but if you love cheddar then this is the only brand you'll ever need or want. Every bite BURSTS with rich, cheddar flavor. I'm in heaven!
- Eric Hutchison, MS
Love it, this is the best cheddar popcorn I ever had. Love that cheesy flavor!!!
- Antoinette, CA


Cheddarific is the best cheese popcorn ever! I love it so much I refuse to eat any other brand of cheese popcorn. If it's not Cheddarific, itt's not for me!
- Nickki, MD


My feedback on your product is devine, the popcorn melts in your mouth, the flavors that I like is the cheddar/white chesse/cheddar/carmel. Thanks for aksing
- pam sheler, MD
absolutely love it. all the popcon! but this one is amazing! you can't buy popcorn like this in the store. if heaven tasted like something, it would be this!
- Brittany, ID
This is my second order of cheddarific---My husband had cameral,but sneaked my cheddarific!!!
- Carol, MS

Popcorn Lovers Popcorn

Cheddarific has the right name, it has a fresh and Cheesy taste!
- Diana Broomfield, MD


This cheddar ppcorn is the best I've ever had.I love cheese popcorn but htis popcorn melts in your mouth. I LOVE IT


This is the best cheddar popcorn i've had. It tastes great alone or paired with the carmel popcorn.
- Rachael, MI


I like chedderific and chicago chic
- marcus, MO

Cheesy Cheddarific

I have tried cheddar cheese popcorn from several other places and this is by far the BEST EVER, hands down!!!! Love it!!
- Jennifer, NE
Cheddarific was the very CHEDDERLICIOUS!!!! Can't wait to try White Chedder.
- Joann, FL
It's Cheesetastic!!!
- Wendy, MA


This is the first year I've ordered Popcorn Palace for my staff (have ordered from another online popcorn company for many years). My staff and I think PP is the BEST!
- Debbie Brownlee, OR


one of the best out there. keeps us coming back for more. have ordered online quite a few times and also been to the store in naperville. have tried quite a few of the other flavors too. good stuff.! they need to ship the bigger bags like in the store. the only other brand i have found that is cheesier is also umpteen times as expensive. popcorn palace popcorn needs willpower to put it down!
- irvin , IL

Our company loves Popcorn Palace - especially Cheddarific

We originally ordered from Popcorn Palace for an event, now it is a permanent staple in our kitchen's pantry. We rotate the flavors weekly. The Cheddarific got very high marks! Can't get enough of this awesome popcorn.
- Joanne, VA


Popcorn Palace by far has the best cheddar popcorn around. The cheesiest can't get enough
- nathaniel reyes, CA

My favorite!!!

This is by far my favorite popcorn flavor...hands down!!!
- James, TN

Best cheese popcorn bang for the buck!

Popcorn Palace has cheesiest flavor for the buck. Be forewarned, once you start nibbling, it is very hard to stop. This stuff never last long in my house!
- Phillip, TX
Cheddarific is great tasting popcorn. This cheddar popcorn is the best. Once I open the bag I cannot stop.
- Danita, CA

My favorite!

Love this cheesy popcorn...the more cheese the favorite flavor! Yummy!!
- Dawn, NY

Oh My, Cheddarholic

Wonderful flavor, lots of Cheddar Flavor... highly recommend. A family favorite. Be careful, once the container was open, gone in seconds!
- Barb, MD

The only place to buy popcorn, especially cheddar!!!

This is the only place I order my popcorn. My favorite by far is the cheddar. I like a lot of cheddar on my popcorn and this satisfies my taste.
- Rosalyn, IL

Best cheesy popcorn ever!

Once you've had the cheddariffic, no other cheese popcorn will do!
- Sarah G., TX

This Is Sooo Good!

Omg ...i Got the sample of this and to be honest it was sooo good...!
- Rosa Martinez, CA
It is the best cheddar popcorn I have had. It was so good, we have decided to have a popcorn table at our daughters wedding and will be serving 3 flavors of your popcorn. Love it!!
- Nancy, MI

Cheese Addict

Great flavor and the kernals are minimal. I prefer the white cheddar and the spicy cheese flavor but this is still a solid choice. Good Job Popcorn Palace!!!
- Jay R Fletcher, NV


This was wonderful. I have already gone thru my 2 bags I ordered. Great taste.
- Laura, IL

office service assistant

The popcorn is super in all flavors. Tried almost every flavor and did not find any I did not love. Very habit forming. Once you pick up the bag it is hard to put down. I sell it as a fundraiser and everyone says the popcorn is very addicting. keep up the good work
- janet robin, RI
I absolutely loved this popcorn. It was very cheesy and fresh and I practically ate the whole gallon bag by myself ! I will be ordering some more very soon. Actually I love all the flavors I have tried, there is not one I do not is the bomb... Popcorn Palace you rock!! Thanks so much and you are going to be a big hit at my wedding too!!! :-)
- Annamaria Hampton, CA

super yummy, great flavors

rich chedder flavor, best chedder i have found
- taiga noe hilliard, AZ

best popcorn around!

i have had garretts popcorn in the city,but this popcorn tops it! i had the conbo which is cheddar and caramel,so good and not too sweet.also the cheese is not too cheesy just right.i have to go back soon,i am craving some more.might try the cashew caramelcorn.rather pricy but it's the best!
- mary, IL


I received a sample in the mail before I decided to make this our team fundraiser! OMG.....ridiculously cheesy and best puffed kernels ever!
- Liche, TX

Cheddar cheese

Best in the universe!
- Jill hendricks, TX

Cheese Flavors!!!

Normally I would buy cheese flavored popcorn from the store but their flavors doesnt beat this cheese popcorn from Popcorn Palace. Once I eat those popcorns from Popcorn Palace I couldn't stop till it was gone and my fingers are covered with cheese powders.
- Joe Scully, MO
Whenever we do this fundraiser for 4H we always get the chedder cheese. It is the best popcorn on earth!!! It tastes as if you just pored cheeto cheese dust all over it
- chey, CA

so cheesy wow !!!!!!

best cheese popcorn I ever tasted Thank u Popcorn PLace will order again in the future.
- Squeeki, PA

om nom nom

I want some RIGHT NOW!!
- gms, CA

Best Cheese Popcorn EVER!

This is the BEST cheese popcorn anywhere! I order several bags with each order and they never last long.
- Marti, AZ


When I first order the tin for our next door neighbors for Christmas, I wasn't planning on eating glad I did! Every bite was exploding with cheddar cheese and its has me hooked!Its the best cheese popcorn I have ever had, hands down the best!
- Cheez_pleez, CA

Greatest Cheese Popcorn on the Planet

I order it from my daughter's fundraiser at her school. It was so fresh and good, the bag didn't even make it home.
- Chanpretty, CA
So rich and cheeeeezy!! Mmmm! Delicious!!!
- Theresa, PA
Football season has arrived and watching the games on TV would not be complete without a Bag of Popcorn Palace Chedder cheese. That is my family's favorite. I search the local popcorn shops for Cheddar cheese popcorn but nothing cmpares to your popcorn.
- Marian Smart Getts, CA


I blame my co-worker for my addiction!Her daughter had a fundraiser and they were selling this popcorn.I order 1 bag..needless to say,it wasn't enough!I couldn't stop eating it!..with each wonderful bite..a burst of cheesy flavor expolded in my mouth!THIS IS THE BEST POPCORN IN THE WORLD..BY FAR!!!


I blame my co-worker for my addiction!Her daughter had a fundraiser and they were selling this popcorn.I order 1 bag..needless to say,it wasn't enough!I couldn't stop eating it!..with each wonderful bite..a burst of cheesy flavor expolded in my mouth!THIS IS THE BEST POPCORN IN THE WORLD..BY FAR!!!

Very addicting!

I have never tasted a cheese popcorn so cheesy and fresh! I am hooked! My family now knows what to get me for every birthday and Christmas! I wish you had a store out here in CA.
- JB, CA

The Best Cheddar

I have tasted quite a few different cheddar popcorns but this is the best !!! I purchased a tin to have as a snack in the office during a busy time and have been buying refills for everyone to enjoy since than. I think I am ordering every 2 to 3 weeks now.
- Di Di, GA
My favorite thing in the world is popcorn, so this cheese would obviously make it the most awesome thing in the world!!!!
- beandip, MN
VERY cheesy delicious!!!

OH SOOOOO CHEESY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best cheddar cheese popcorn on the planet and beyond! Popcorn arrived super fast and was very, very fresh! I am hooked!
- Liz Longenecker, IL

Best Popcorn Ever!!

I have had different brands of cheese popcorn even gourmet, but this is the most tasty popcorn I have ever tasted! The most exellent cheese taste! Melts in your mouth! I can't wait to taste all of their popcorn!
- John S., WA

I wish I had ordered more!

When I ordered this popcorn, I tasted it, and my tastebuds exploded with sensation! It is the most delicious cheese popcorn I've ever tasted, and if my family is smart, I'll be getting this for Christmas!
- Molly, IL

Addictively Delicious

I've tried many other so-called cheddar cheese popcorns throughout my 77 years. Only this one tastes as it looks and smells - the great flavor of real cheddar much so, I lick my fingers! Each kernel is thoroughly saturated with great taste. My mouth waters just thinking about my nightly treat.
- Joyce Kohl, AZ
I have searched high and low for the cheesiest popcorn and you are truly the winner! I rave to all about you. Thanks for making me a very happy person. I will only buy from you.
- angie, CO

The best!

After having a few handfuls at a friend's house who had bought it for a fundraiser, I made my boyfriend track down who made this and order me some for my birthday. Best birthday gift ever! So delicious!!
- Sarah, IL
I love cheese popcorn and this one is the best! I am originally from Chicago but now I live in Las Vegas. I can not find cheese popcorn here so I regularly order from Popcorn Palace because it is sooo good!
- Cathy, NV
This corn is amazing. Every bite is full of cheese and the kernels are so full. We get it shipped all the way to California!!
- Ann, CA

The Best Cheddar Cheese Popcorn Ever!

If you love cheddar cheese popcorn then this is the flavor to get. One bite and you'll be hooked forever! This is the best cheddar cheese popcorn I have ever had!!! YUM!!!!!
- Gail Malloy, CA

Best cheese popcorn around!

Let me start by saying I have an unhealthy relationship with cheese popcorn. Whenever I get a shipment of it from Popcorn Palace I become very reluctant to share, because it's just THAT good. I have willpower with most foods...not with this stuff!
- Jackie, GA

Cheddar Cheese

Expect a fresh cheddar crunch that lasts till you finish the tub!
- pop queen, CA
If its got to be cheese, and I mean cheese than its got to be chedder cheese flavored popcorn from the Popcorn Palace.So good it brings a tear to a mouses eye.
- pops, IL

Its the cheesiest!

I love the way the cheese catches in the wrinkles of the popcorn. Sooooooo good!
- Margaret, CA
This popcorn is the best!
- Stephanie, WY

Cheese!!!! Cheese!!!! Cheese!!!!

This popcorn is great. It has more cheese and I mean great tasting cheese than any other popcorn.
- Linda, MI
This popcorn is sooo yummy!! The cheddar cheese on this popcorn is so flavorful.
- Lori, AL


Has the perfect amount of cheese and always comes fresh crunchy. its my favorite by far!
- Alias, OR

The Best!!!

This is the best Cheese popcorn I've ever had.
- Michael, NV

Best Cheese Popcorn!!

I am a cheese popcorn lover and this is the cheesiest popcorn ever!! You will LOVE it!
- JBKinard, TX
My husband and I discovered the Popcorn Palace about a year ago and have been fans ever since. We love the Cheddar cheese popcorn!
- J. Carlino, NY
love the cheddar and white cheddar popcorn
- Ana, MN
This is the cheesiest popcorn I have eaten, and the onyl thing better would to have DOUBLE CHEESE on a batch. Here's a new idea! My fingers turn ornage from all the cheese color, it's that rich!
- Lori, VA
I've tried them all. This is the best cheddar cheese corn in the country.
- chipper5, OH

Cheese Popcorn Review

This is the absolute best cheddar cheese popcorn in the world!
- Chad, SC

The Cheesiest

I LOVED this popcorn. Normally the cheese popcorn you buy has just a faint taste of cheese but not this one. The cheese almost jumped out of the bag. I can't wait until our next fundraiser!!!
- Lisa, CA


I just love this cheese popcorn! Perfectly seasoned, not too little like other places. In a strange combo, eating this with the chocolate popcorn is delicious! Sweet-salty mix!
- Audie, CA
The best Cheddar Cheese popcorn!!!
I love the cheddar Cheese it is my fave! My cousins and I all love this flavor we never pick anything else. When one of us is having a bad day, or had a great accomplishment, my grandmother sends all of us a bag of cheddar cheese popcorn. It is always nice to see the popcorn palace box on your doorstep.
- Cuzisl, CA
Its cheesy good
- speco, TX
This cheese popcorn is the best. We finish it as soon as we get it!
- Janet, CA

The Best EVER!

This is honestly THE best cheese popcorn I have ever had. Worth it. Mmmmm
- Samantha, WI


A classic for a reason. Not too cheesy and not bland. Perfect!
- Lulu, MD

The best ever!

This popcorn is the best. If you like cheese like I do then this is the popcorn for you!
- Sandy, CA


Every kernel is a burst of smooth cheddar flavor.
- Steph, NY

Best cheese popcorn

When we receive our orders, my family actually fights over the popcorn. I always order an extra bag for myself and hide it in the back of the pantry. The taste is amazing and it always arrives fresh. I'am planning a trip to Chicago soon, and one of my stops will be their store.
- JM, CA
If you love cheese you'll LOVE this popcorn!! Sooooo good!
- Britni McWhorter
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