Better Salt ‘n Pepper

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Better Salt ‘n Pepper

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Better Salt ‘n Pepper

Heads-up: this is robust flavor. Sea salt seeks out every ounce of buttery popcorn taste, cracked black pepper sings on the tongue, and for good measure, special Baby White kernels are extra tender and flavorful. Frankly, more things in life that are this simple ought to be this good.

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Better Salt n Pepper

This is my favorite, I have ordered this one twice!!
- Redd, CA

Best I have ever eaten

The quality of this popcorn is excellent, I will be ordering from them forever.
- Narda Bailey-Waddy , IL

Best addictive flavor yet

I love popcorn. I have tried many different brands and many different flavors. The Better Salt & Pepper is so good. You can taste butter and pops of salt followed by pepper. I buy 4 bags at a time and snack at work. I look forward to the coupon codes for free shipping so I can reorder.
- Mrs Franklin, CA
I have ordered this flavor twice now. Very addictive! Have to limit my portions.
- Lee Damon, MA

Outstanding tast

Ordered the Better Salt 'n Pepper several times. Both my friends and I enjoyed this great tasting popcorn. I will continue to order this flavor.
- Lester Davis, DC
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Better Salt ‘n Pepper

Better Salt ‘n Pepper

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